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The best place to
stack your JAM

Toast is an ES Modules based Jamstack framework for prebuilding large sites

Why Toast?

A bet on the future

Toast is not competing for the mantle of the Next Big Webpack Framework. It is not trying to be Rails.

  • Build Speed Built-in

    According to the DORA report, elite performing teams "have 208 times more frequent code deployments". Build performance is a core feature, not an add-on.

  • ES Modules

    ESM allows us to ship unbundled applications with different performance characteristics than their bundled counterparts. All modern browsers and node support native ESM.

  • Familiar APIs

    Write your site as you would any other React application. Toast takes care of compiling, pre-rendering, and more

  • Incremental Compilation

    Toast is built for incremental compilation from day one. Less work done on each build means faster builds.